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Mary Coleman provides senior leadership for EMPath’s strategy development and growth, and oversees the organization’s programs, research, and evaluation operations. She brings more than 30 years of higher education experience in executing organization goals and overseeing programs and services to EMPath. Prior to joining the organization in 2015, Mary served as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Lesley University, where she focused on strategic planning, developing and implementing initiatives on well-being of faculty and students, high impact advising programs and the Lesley University Initiative on Child Homelessness, which she founded. In 2005-06, she won a prestigious Woodrow Wilson International Scholar’s award for her work on rural poverty. Mary was a post-doctoral fellow in public policy at the University of Maryland and in liberal arts at the Harvard School of Law. She holds a doctoral degree and a master’s degree in political science from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Jackson State University.

The Rural Poor in the American South


Published August 2012

Mary D. Coleman

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, EMPath

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