Marta Fernandez

Service Director for Women's and Volunteer Services

Marta has a degree in Business Administration, a Msc in Marketing and a MBA and has studied and worked in Spain, France and UK. Her main area of expertise is in operations and marketing and has worked in international roles within the commercial sector for 20 years. Marta and her husband relocated to London 12 years ago and are fully integrated and active members of their local South London community. Since 2016, Marta has been able to pursue her interests in the charitable sector by volunteering in various roles for different projects using her business acumen and as a working mother of 3 children, her empathy for working mothers understanding the fine balance and conflicts that they face. Marta believes strongly that children should be made socially aware from a young age and has worked and continues to work with children encouraging them to get involved in voluntary activities as a way of personal development whilst helping others.