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James Anderson

Director of Sustainable Communities

Fannie Mae

James Anderson joined the Sustainable Communities Partnership and Innovation team in November 2017, where he is responsible for cultivating partnership opportunities in both the housing sector and sectors adjacent to housing in order to generate innovations that result in better outcomes for low-income households and communities.
During 2017, Anderson led the development of the single-family underserved market plans for the Duty to Serve Rule. From 2010 through 2016, Anderson was responsible for developing and testing new approaches to foreclosure prevention in the loan servicing space. Prior to that, he served as the business lead to build tri-party relationships between Fannie Mae, servicers, and vendors to increase outreach capacity during the peak of the housing downturn.
Prior to joining Fannie Mae in 2009, Anderson was the Assistant Vice President of loan servicing at a mortgage REIT.
Anderson has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration from the University of New Mexico.

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