Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Future of Work, Technology & Education

Welcome: New Strategies for Fishing

Elisabeth D. Babcock

After brief remarks on the conference objectives and intentions, EMPath President & CEO Elisabeth D. Babcock will deliver the welcome address. Questions and answers will follow.

Opportunities & Challenges of Our Digital Technology Future

Erik Brynjolfsson

Erik's address will be followed by an interactive workshop with Sebastian Steffen as well as time for questions and answers.

Leveraging Emerging Innovations to Expand Economic Opportunity

Luke Tate

Luke's address will be followed by ample time for questions and answers. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Future of Home & Health

New Ideas on the Future of Home

Chrystal KornegayMaria Evans

How Opportunity, Engagement and Economic Resources Enable Health

Alister MartinBobby MilsteinAtheendar Venkatarami

Place-Based Strategies to Promote Economic Mobility

Georgia MurrayCheri StoneAdriana Chavarín-López, Michael Vea

Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Future of Counter Narratives

Flipping the Script: Oral Narrative Workshop

Tom Mould

This workshop is for a general audience to learn about the power of oral narratives in shaping how we view poverty, the poor, and public assistance. The focus will be on ways all of us can flip the narrative and tell more accurate and persuasive stories about poverty. Participants will have a chance to discuss and apply these strategies in small groups.

Countering the Espoused Narrative: A DEI Examination of Organizational Culture

Akuoma Nwadike

This interactive session will help develop the critical consciousness required to interrogate organizational cultural development and the socialization required to exist in it. 

Giving Voices to Those Experiencing Injustice

Mary O'Hara

The 20-minute address will be followed by questions and answers.

Friday, October 9, 2020

The Future of Philanthropy

Fireside Chat on the Future of Funding

Vu Le and Shena Ashley

The NonprofitAF.org founder and the Urban Institute leader sit down to discuss the future of fundraising and nonprofits.

Trust-Based Philanthropy Panel

Moderated by Nisha G. Patel with Philip Li, Shaady Salehi, and Jennifer Ching

Trust-Based Philanthropy is being embraced by a growing number of foundations as a way to address power imbalances between funders and grantees while fostering more productive and informative relationships. Together, the presenters will discuss the principles of trust-based philanthropy and what it looks like in practice. Participants will have a chance to consider some practical next steps to build more productive and balanced funder-grantee relationships that benefit our collective work.

Anti-racist economic rights to promote our shared prosperity

Darrick Hamilton

EMPath Goodbye

Final remarks from the hosts plus a special surprise!

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