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October 18-21, 2022
Boston, Massachusetts

All events will be in person; keynotes will be streamed live and shared.

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Public Conference

About EMPath

What is Economic Mobility Pathways?

EMPath is a national non-profit that dramatically improves the lives of people struggling to make ends meet. Because creating economic opportunity is multifaceted, our approach is too. We offer a unique combination of direct services, learning exchange, and research and advocacy for what works. This “virtuous circle” allows each part of our work to inform what we know, do, and share with others to seed systemic change.

  • Using our research-backed method for one-on-one support, we work directly people living in poverty to help them climb the economic ladder.

  • We partner with human services providers to get better results and re-envision the systems that serve people experiencing poverty.

  • We do research to inform our practice and advocate to take what works to scale.